Unlock the hidden potential and improve predictability in your projects through data-driven transparency

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Claviate optimises the complex process of setting up wind turbines. Our technology ensures transparency and a better overview, resulting in maximum speed and optimised budget.

Major construction projects such as wind farms are notorious for delays and exceeded budgets. Using cameras and artificial intelligence, Claviate has built a visual data platform that provides wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm developers with unprecedented insight. This means they can optimise the process of constructing wind farms.

The technology is based on cloud-connected, strategically placed cameras and other sensors. They record every single step of the construction process. Claviate’s specially developed AI software collates the numerous data sources and compares them with other relevant data – for example, weather and geography. The result is an image-based dataset. This can be used, for instance, for global, real-time progress reporting.

To ensure anonymity, Claviate has devised a special neural network that anonymises people in this material.  Automatically and permanently, it deletes any people in an image, before that image is read for further data processing. Documentation is thus in full compliance with international GDPR legislation.

The anonymised data identifies problems in real time, while simultaneously revealing hidden potential. This facilitates significant savings in terms of both budget and time – not only in the current construction process but also in the ongoing accumulation of knowledge. For us, it’s all about the mechanical processes and identifying the potential for significant optimisation – something that is often concealed. Based on the wishes of each customer, we optimise and maintain the neural networks on ongoing basis.

In the long run, our technology can also be used in other construction processes. We’re just getting started!



GDPR Compliance

Individuals captured in visual data are anonymized to comply with GDPR.

Hidden Potential

By tracking operations, we can find hidden potentials for future optimizations.

Cloud Storage

All data are stored on the cloud with easy accessibility and scalability.

Real-time Data

Our IoT devices are running 24/7 in order to capture real-time data.

Periodic Report

By studying past data, we offer periodic reports with statistical trend line analysis.

Analysis Flexibility

We are capable of merging public as well as customer-owned data into our analysis.


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