Kasper Koops Kratmann

CEO, Founder

Kasper has +14 years of experience from the wind industry. He has a PhD in composite engineering and is educated project manage from Siemens Gamesa. After having worked as an independent consultant he founded Claviate in 2019.

Rasmus Thorsøe                                                              

Computer Scientist, Cloud Architecht, BSc

Rasmus has +4 years of experience working as an it consultant for IBM and has a bachelor in computer science. With Claviate his responsibilities are AI training and Cloud Architecture in accordance with customer specific needs.

Jens Broe Rix

Data Scientist, PhD

Jens has a PhD in nanophysics from the University of Copenhagen. During his PhD, he worked with quantum mechanics and solved theoretical problems in single molecule electronics and solid state physics. Jens' responsibilities are to solve data-driven problems using machine learning and AI.

Daniel Aron Gudnason

Data Scientist, PhD

Daniel has 5 years experience with development of data analysis software and acquisition of data. These skills have been acquired through a Ph.D. in nanoscience and a subsequent 1-year postdoc at Aarhus University. His responsibilities as a data scientist in Claviate is solving data-driven problems with machine learning and AI.